Endometriosis is  AGONY!


Finally. There is a proven NON-SURGICAL,

Natural treatment for Endometriosis.

It’s simple. It’s natural. And it works.

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1. Endometriosis is AGONY!

Endometriosis is exquisitely painful. It really is horrible pain, and it’s *exasperating* to endure. It can give sufferers feelings of hopelessness, frustration, even anger.

Fortunately for you, it can now be treated…

  • Effectively
  • Non-surgically
  • Naturally


2. What actually is Endometriosis?

It’s easy to understand:

  • The lining of your uterus (called the “endometrium”), is what you shed each month as your period.
  • When your uterus lining grows out of control, that’s Endometriosis.
  • It often expands beyond its own area inside the womb into extremely sensitive parts of your body (like into your abdominal cavity, for example).

The pain is can be absolutely *excruciating*.


3. What’s the cause?

It’s caused by a significant excess of estrogen in your body.

  • Estrogen acts like a chemical signal, which demands the thickening of the “endometrium” lining in your uterus each month.
  • When your estrogen levels are out of control, your uterus lining grows out of control. It is excess estrogen which makes that lining grow into places it absolutely should NOT. It often starts growing onto your extremely pain-sensitive internal organs.


4. What’s the remedy?

The standard treatment is surgery

  • Surgeons do a “laparoscopy” (surgery using a small telescope), and cut excess endometrial growth and deposits from your internal organs.
  • BUT that doesn’t fix the source of the problem – your excess estrogen. So the problem very often returns. And the same operations are often repeated.


5. How do you actually fix it without surgery?

Good News! It’s as simple as a Daily Skin Cream or Dissolvable Tablet.

The Good News?: Another hormone your body makes is called “progesterone”. Progesterone counter-acts and settles down the “grow, grow, grow!” demands made by the excess estrogen in your body…

once you have the right amount of progesterone to balance your estrogen. (The ratio is 10-15% progesterone to estrogen). It takes precision and the right medical expertise, but it definitely works.

When your estrogen/progesterone ratio is re-balanced back to normal, the (out-of-control growth of the wall of your) uterus, returns to normal too. That means no more Endometriosis Agony.


Do you need help? This is what we do…

We balance your excess estrogen with natural (non-synthetic) bio-identical hormones, exactly the same as your own body makes.

We simply test your hormone balance, and return your estrogen-to-progesterone balance to normal levels again.

How? The natural, plant-based hormones are applied in a skin cream – or soft lozenges called troches – and absorbed into your body. They are exactly identical to the hormones made by your own body during your whole life, so your body knows perfectly how to use them. They balance your hormones back to normal levels again.

When we BALANCE YOUR EXCESS ESTROGEN, we stop your endometriosis.

It’s as effective as it is simple.


No more excess estrogen, means no more horrible,
miserable pain you are suffering through. It stops.


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Australia’s #1 Natural Hormone Experts
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A Word from our Founder

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Dr Maura McGill is Australia’s Foremost Expert
in Natural Hormone Management

The 3 Step Hormone Management System has saved THOUSANDS of women like you from suffering through PMS, Menopause and Endometriosis.

“Women suffering and enduring hormone problems is wholly unacceptable to me. Especially when treatment is available, and it’s fully effective

Suffering through PMS, Menopause or Endometriosis is NOT a natural part of life. I combine advanced medical expertise with scientific natural healing – and it works. I’ve proved it with the thousands of women I’ve helped.

If you feel frustrated, angry or desperate, you’re not alone. Don’t worry, I can help you.”

Dr Maura McGill




Simply make an appointment.
Don’t just suffer through it any longer, or miss out. Do it. Now. 

Yes, I do want to STOP my Endometriosis.

What do I have to do?

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