“Male Menopause”?

Yes, it’s Real – And Why Men Should Know About It.

This is a topic that all men will hate. I guarantee it. But they should love it.

It is many men’s answer for increased vigour, energy and a sense of robust vitality.

Who wouldn’t want that?

It’s about Testosterone. And it’s simple to understand:

  • Testosterone is the “go get ’em!!” or “warrior” hormone
  • “Testo” typically drops as men get older. Simple truth – that’s life.
  • And when Testo drops, so does the man’s energy, muscle strength and vitality.
  • Boost his Testosterone up again, and up goes his energy again!

Easy, right? Even better: Boosting men’s Testosterone up is VERY SIMPLE to do.

At 60 an average man can be 30-60% down in Testosterone. Tired all the time. No longer playing sport, going out, not even interested in sex. But…

Once a day, wipe on some (natural) hormone skin cream, or dissolve a tablet in the mouth… that’s it. And in a few weeks, that youthful male energy and vitality starts surging back.

(Well, there’s slightly more to it. They need to see an expert natural hormone practitioner to get their hormone levels actually tested and a prescription for it. Not exactly difficult – we do it every day in the clinic.)

So, there you go. “Male Menopause” in a nutshell. Defined and solved, the simple version.

(Just don’t mention the “M-word” to men – you know how women hate the idea of Menopause? Double it in men. As women, we are at least a little mentally prepared for it to happen. But men expect to get “menopause” about as much as they expect to get pregnant!)

Anyway, my article on Male Menopause (or “Andropause”) is below. If you’re interested, enjoy!



Dr Maura McGill
McGill Natural Hormone Clinic

+ Male Menopause

Yes, it’s Real – And Why Men Should Know About It.


In his 20s he is the epitome of energy. Stamina and victory with a testosterone count of 100%! Yet, after a certain age, he wakes up only to roll back over again. What happened?!

Your man will probably hate hearing about male menopause but it is real and it is treatable. There is a way to bring back his ‘inner hero’ and for him to enter silver-foxhood without the dragging of tired and worn out feet.

Male Menopause can cause the ‘inner soldier’ to feel like life’s battles have all been fought and can be quite a depressing time. Sadly there isn’t enough information available for this to be an approachable or comfortable subject for men, without them tuning out or turning off.

Fatigue? Depressed or irritable? ‘Fighting a losing battle’ each day quietly but not sure what’s changed? Hot flushes? Chances are that if he’s over a certain age, it could be the signs of male menopause.

On average, men can lose 1% (up to 2%) of testosterone from the age of 30. So by the age of 60, the average male will likely be 30% (up to 60%) lower in Testosterone than when he was a young man.



“ …by the age of 60, the average man will likely be 30% (up to 60%) lower in testosterone than when he was a young man”


+ What Do You Do About it?

A simple blood test from the doctor will determine which hormone levels are down and how much to top them up via cream or pill once a day. It’s honestly that simple.

The women I treat often drag their husbands in to see me. They don’t want to hear about Male Menopause or anything to do with the subject. (In truth I have stopped even mentioning ‘Male Menopause’ or ‘Andropause’ because they don’t want to hear it).

After they get their levels topped up to where they should be and they have the energy and stamina as they did when they were 25, that’s when they really thank me and so do their wives(!)

Push aside any backward and preventative thinking that might be associated with any perceived challenge to his manhood – it’s simply the reality of getting older; and when addressed he can easily get back his vitality, vigor and general sense of well-being. (In and out of the bedroom… you can thank me later ladies).

Testosterone is also (and even mostly) associated with vigour, muscle strength and power. So if you are a man and slowly regretting the passing of youth and strength; or you are a wife/partner and wishing he was more the man he used to be… then maybe a dash of Testo might just fix the problem.


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